Mining Pool

You receive 100% of your earnings through interest-free transactions.

Mining Pool CRYPTEK

Initially, it was made to cover only internal needs of our company.

However, the achievement of high performance and stability indicators led us to the decision to open access FOR EVERYONE.

of our services

  • 1. Guarantee of the stable Internet and electricity

    We guarantee the safety of your coins and the continuous process of their mining. The Cryptek system allows you to completely prevent both short-term and long-term offline periods.

  • 2. You get 100% of your earnings through interest-free transactions

    All received coins can be immediately exchanged and withdrawn to your bank account. Service guarantees payback and profitability of a qualitatively new level!

  • 3. Technical support 24/7

    The technical support service operates continuously. This allows you to solve your questions in no time and in any way that is convenient for you.

  • 4. Receive automatic reports weekly

    You won’t have to guess how much is earned, how much can be withdrawn and how much to keep on the account. Automated weekly reports will provide an opportunity to systematically get acquainted with the mining process analytics.

  • 5. Work with main cryptocurrencies

    Thanks to the Cryptek system, you can mine not only bitcoins, but also other cryptocurrencies. Which makes it possible to use them for the purposes that you need.

Working scheme

You get a detailed consultation about the mining conditions in the pool and its mechanism
With the help of technical support, you pass verification in our system using your own equipment
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The pricing of our services depends on many factors, and is determined individually.