Mining club

With every client, we make an official agreement. A support service monitors air quality and the correct temperature regime 24/7. We guarantee the safety of your equipment.

Mining Club CRYPTEK

Located in Kazakhstan, the country with the lowest price for the electricity and loyal attitude of legislators to the crypto industry.

Why our hotel?

Free help in buying and setting up equipment

Our experts will take all necessary actions, and you do not need to pay for that

Wide possibilities

Quick placement of your equipment or equipment purchased / rented from us at any scale

Automated diagnostic system

Allows you to control absolutely all internal processes

Instant response to every problem

Faults of any difficulty are detected in a matter of seconds, and if necessary, the autonomous system will restart the equipment

24/7 opportunity for your control

You can monitor the status of your equipment in real time using cameras

Your equipment will be insured

Thanks to our cooperation with the Hong Kong Foundation, we are the only company in the world that is able to fully provide such service

Payment for electricity and rent

We are not looking for opportunities to save money and conclude formal agreements with property owners and electricity suppliers

Service center and security, working 24/7

Control over equipment security is carried out continuously

Mining profitability calculator

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Period Energy Mainte
Day 0 0 0 0
Week 0 0 0 0
Month 0 0 0 0
Year 0 0 0 0
Total investment 0
in equipment 0
to infrastructure (connection + cooling) 0
ROI, days 0
ROI, months 0

With our help CRYPTEK

you can find answers to the
following questions:


Ignorance of the mechanism of mining processes

Our consultants are professionals in their field and are ready to provide information you need 24/7


The problem with choosing a place for your equipment

We will reveal for you all the intricacies of placing equipment in our club and demonstrate all the technical standards that guide us in our work


Doubts about legal security

We do not work according to“ black schemes ”, therefore, every element of our cooperation will be reflected in the contract that is mandatory for signing


The desire to minimize risks

We are ready to give you an informative tour of our club and demonstrate the necessary documentation to show how seriously we take the security of your investments


The issue of withdrawing profits

Cryptocurrency is immediately sent to your wallet after it was mined, and with the help of exchange, you can convert your coins into fiat money

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The pricing of our services depends on many factors, and is determined individually.